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Subject:an honest question for the president and vice president
Time:12:32 pm
The following is an email that i just wrote to Vice-President Cheney in response to the Federal Government's role in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans:

dear mr. cheney,

my name is daniel lewis, and i am a freshman at Bard College. I know that the chances of an aide of yours reading this are slim, and of you seeing this even slimmer, while the chance of my getting an automated reply thanking me for my mail is probably 99.999%. My having named the college I attend most likely makes the former even smaller. But anyway, i figured that i'd give it a shot. Who knows?

over the past few days, i have been working hard at not only starting classes, but in keeping up with the news. I am from brooklyn, new york, and this has been a major change for me to not be constantly connected to current events through the newspaper and radio. Since I arrived on campus a few weeks ago, I have felt this desire to understand the reasoning behind the workings of this country even stronger than I did in my last years of high school, and I have to admit, I am completely dumbfounded by the lack of a useful response from the federal government to the people of New Orleans. Why do you insist on spending so much money on a war when the entire city has become a no-man's-land? There is anarchy and discontent on American soil, and yet there is still rhetoric
spouted about fighting terrorism. I am not saying that terrorism isn't a
problem, but I do not want to get into a rant on why I disagree with your
government's foreign policy and the war in Iraq.

the United States were founded on the principle that it would b e a government for the people and by the people, but, as in many of your decisions on domestic policy, it does not seem as if you are truly taking this to heart. why all the tax cuts when the revenue could be used to aid the survivors of Hurricane
Katrina? How can you sit in Washington and ask people to donate money for aid when you cannot even get an effective response into Louisiana? it has been five days since the hurricane hit: why has there been no real response? this is a disaster akin to the recent tsunami in asia, and although I disagree with the meager aid that the federal government gave to the asian governments affected, I would have thought that you would have cared more about your own nation than this. This is a disgrace.

My question is why can't the federal government take just a fraction of the
budget from the war in Iraq to aid our own people? I realize that the sloppy
planning of the war left us no real exit strategy and the military is now
entrenched in Iraq, but you must realize that if anything, this will affect the politics of this country. Your response is not only hurting thousands of
desparate Americans, but you and your party's political power. Frankly, you are out of touch with our nation. This is something that needs to be changed. Please, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Bush: please forget about your friends in the oil business for a minute. Americans are dying, not just in Iraq, but in our own country. Please, stop with the bullshit. The people of New Orleans do not need platitudes and promises of aid; they need help, and they need it now. If you are at all the patriots that you claim to be in your speeches and your campaign ads, you will respond to this disaster.

Your country needs you.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Lewis

NOTE: apparently, as the mailer daemon told me a few seconds after I sent this email, vice.president@whitehouse.gov has been deactivated.

When i was looking at the transcript to find where things went wrong, the word "vacation" kept popping up.

- D
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Time:2005-09-03 01:42 pm (UTC)
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[icon] an honest question for the president and vice president - Wakka Wakka!
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